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Steel Deck Truck Scales

The METTLER TOLEDO family of steel deck truck scales features exceptionally strong weighbridges to match your specific application (size of vehicle, gross weight, trucks per day, ect.) All of the steel deck designs are supported by orthotropic ribs with fully automated, continuous welds. Every rib is pressure tested to ensure an airtight seal that eliminates the potential for rusting from the inside. In fact, since incorporating this technique 20 years ago, our customers have never experienced a rib failure from corrosion. Other scales use intermittent welds to secure their top and bottom plate to structural I-beams, allowing moisture to sit between the beams and plates, rusting both away.

In most competitive designs, intermittent welds are located in high stress areas. The constant bending under heavy loads and the small amount of weld material can cause the welds to crack, resulting in premature deck failure. Using continuous welds located away from high-stress areas eliminates one of the most common causes of truck failures. Mettler Toledo’s orthotropic design provides a truck scale that will give you years of trouble-free weighing even in the harshest environments and toughest applications.

Steel Deck Truck Scales

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