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Forklift Scales

The Mettler Toledo VFS220 Forklift Scale: Accurate, one-step weighing.

A VFS220 forklift scale is a hang-on attachment that can be installed on any forklift truck with a Class II lift bracket. It saves time and money by eliminating the time-consuming task of transporting pallets to a floor scale, weighing them, and removing them afterward. To get an accurate weight reading, simply lift a pallet with the forklift truck. Wireless communication between the carriage and scale controller eliminates weighing problems caused by cables binding and downtime due to damaged cables.

Forklift Scales

Easy Installation

Mounting the VFS220 scale carriage on a forklift truck is as easy as installing forks. Just hang the scale on the lift bracket, adjust the locating tab, and tighten two clamps. No welding or shimming is required.

Forklift Scales

Wireless Communication

The moving scale carriage communicates with the controller by radio signal. Unlike other forklift scale carriages, it is not connected to the controller by cables that can be damaged or cause maintenance problems.

Forklift Scales

Maximum Visibility

The scale is designed for improved safety and productivity. The center of the carriage is open, providing a high-visibility window that makes it easy for the forklift operator to see loads and position forks for lifting.

Forklift Scales

Exceptional Accuracy

Our split-flexure design provides greater weighing accuracy and repeatability than standard flexures. By increasing flexibility, it allows the scale to transfer load to the load cells more effectively.

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