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Automated Precision Weighing

Split-second, high-precision weighing in the milligram range in a harsh industrial environment - these were once seemingly contradictory requirements for modern weighing technology. Now all these needs are met by a new continuous product portfolio of weighing modules and weighing platforms, specially developed for use in automated processes and for OEM integration.

Automated Precision

WM Weigh Modules

High-precision stainless steel weigh modules for integration in automated process. With IP66 for wash-down. Capacities: 120 g - 6 kg

Automated Precision

WX Weigh Modules

High resolution analytical balance for automated processes in industrial environment. Capacity: 220 g; Readability: 10 μg.

Automated Precision

WMH Weigh Platforms

High-precision weigh platforms for automated processes in industrial environment. With IP66/67. Capacities: 15 kg - 3 t.

Automated Precision

Accessories for Weigh Modules

Optional modules for easy connectivity with RS232/485, standard fieldbus and digital input and output for direct process control.

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